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KAU82-1355FX Tube/Tape Burner

A tube/tape automatic burner has X & Z manipulators and a double-end mechanical pneumatic structure

KR82-1300FX Tray Automatic Burner

KR82-1300FX tray automatic burner has an X-Y-Z triaxial manipulator and a double-sucker structure

KAR82-1500FX Tray/Coiled Tape Automatic Burner

KAR82-1500FX tray/tape integrated type full-automatic double-end mechanical arm pneumatic burning machine is mainly designed for


Founded in June 2002, Shenzhen Jinchuang Map Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. was formerly Shenzhen Jinchuang Map Equipment Factory. Is located in the beautiful scenery and economically developed Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. Since the founding of the company so far, has been working in the development of electronic equipment automation industry, is specialized in research and development, design, production and sales automation equipment business.

SINCE 2002





Objective of IC Automatic Burn Testing Machine
IC automatic burn testing machine is mainly designed for burning ICs of factories and design companies.
New View of IC Burning
With the increase of OEM manufacturing activities of China semiconductor enterprises, engineers are not strange at the process of burning IC chips.
Method of writing memories by programmers
The basic preparation of carrying out data replication operation on memories by using programmers
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